RevClaims Overview

Hospitals and health systems often need additional resources to fully pursue complex claims, which include third party liability, motor vehicle accident (including no-fault and first-party), workers’ compensation, and U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) billing. These elements of healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) are time-consuming and frustrating, involving multiple payers and attorneys, in addition to endless paperwork for hospital staff and patients. Extensive legal training and experience is often necessary to pursue these demanding and complicated cases.

RevClaims is passionate about simplifying the complexity of these claims for our clients. By partnering with hospitals and health systems, our highly specialized healthcare RCM solutions and services remove the burden of labor-intensive and complicated accident claims while offering total transparency and accessibility. Our highly skilled attorney-led teams have extensive experience with complex claims management as well as the legal strategies insurance carriers and attorneys often use to deny reimbursement, delay payment, or underpay for services. Our high-touch model handles outreach with all parties – providers, employers, insurance adjusters, attorneys, and patients – to ensure maximum revenue for you and the patients you serve.

Benefits to Health Systems

Effective Hospital Revenue Cycle Management

Reduce the challenges

Reduce the challenges of complex third party liability (TPL), motor vehicle accident (MVA), workers’ compensation claims, and/or VA billing

Maximize reimbursement

Maximize reimbursement for hospitals from available insurance proceeds

Accelerate Revenue

Accelerate cash flow and hospital revenue by converting receivables to payments faster

Benefits to Patients

Allow Patients to Focus on Healing

Simplify the paperwork

Simplify the paperwork process by managing confusing documents

Coordinate Information

Coordinate and submit information to the appropriate insurers

Reduce Concerns

Reduce financial concerns and worries

Rapid Results for a Wide Range of TPL Claims

Liability Claims

No matter what type of accident occurs - whether motor vehicle, burn, slip-and-fall, or any other injury - receiving reimbursement can drag on for months, slowing the overall hospital revenue cycle process. Hospitals and health systems do not always have the resources or legal expertise to devote to such a complicated, drawn-out process. RevClaims attorneys utilize a combined 47 years of experience in healthcare and law to negotiate with insurance adjusters and other attorneys to maximize your reimbursement while offering complete transparency over the process through our integrated and intuitive claims management platform. We pursue every coverage opportunity, including no-fault motor vehicle accidents and first-party claims, to enhance your reimbursement and to help your patients minimize out-of-pocket costs.

Workers' Compensation

Workers’ compensation laws vary from state to state and often include time limits for when a healthcare organization can file a claim. RevClaims attorneys have extensive experience with prompt and accurate filings of workers’ compensation claims with 100 percent regulatory compliance. RevClaims manages the many bureaucratic steps for you, including denials and appeals, saving time and aggravation while ensuring receipt of the maximum healthcare revenue for the care you provide your patients.

Expertise in Workers’ Compensation for All States

Accelerated Cash Flow for Veterans Affairs Claims

Veterans Affairs Billing

Delivering healthcare for veterans is an honor and privilege for non-U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) healthcare provider organizations. VA billing is a highly detailed and complicated part of the revenue cycle process flow. This often leads to claims errors, denials, appeals, or underpayments, which results in more days in A/R. RevClaims’ experience with VA carriers across the country will ensure that you are reimbursed quickly, adequately, and in a timely manner. As your partner, we can help you submit cleaner VA claims with better documentation and consistent follow up that will accelerate your cash flow and maximize your revenue.